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3 Benefits of Consolidating Warehouse Operations

This blog post was updated on 08 March, 2021.  Companies are under great pressure to be more efficient, lean, versatile and agile so that they remain competitive and sustainable in the current economic climate that we find ourselves in today. One method to beat this pressure is consolidation. Consolidation is a popular strategy that has […]

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How Sale and Leaseback Transactions Can Assist Owner Occupiers of Commercial Property Unlock Cash

owner-occupier Amidst the uncertainty of the economic times that we find ourselves in today due to the direct impact of the global pandemic, organisations are reshaping their core business models and reevaluating their use of assets. Fast-tracking liquidity is, even more, pressing now as Owner Occupiers focus on finding ways to unlock and free up […]

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Why Cape Town is the top tech location in South Africa

  Cape Town has emerged as Africa’s leading technology hub over the past 5-10 years, having both incubated and welcomed many local and international technology companies. As one of the most competitive and fast-moving industries, companies and businesses who operate in this sector have to grow and innovative on a continuous basis. Why are so […]

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Report: The State of Cape Town’s Traffic and Parking Problems

The City of Cape Town boasts some of the highest parking rates in South Africa, which is closely related to the demand for commercial real estate. The premium associated with parking in Cape Town is a symptom of the city’s success. We investigate the factors contributing to the city’s congestion and premium parking rates, as well as future trends for parking structures, traffic […]

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Our summary: State of Cape Town Central City Report 2015

What is the CCID? The Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) manages and promotes the Mother City’s traditional CBD, and is the publisher of the report in question. The CCID is a private-public partnership formed by property owners in Cape Town which provides additional or complementary services (such as increased security) above and beyond […]

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