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Street Smart Tenant 2018

Being a Street Smart Tenant means asking the right questions to make an informed property decision for your company. Our brokers advise many businesses and organizations on their commercial property strategies, and find that the right question to ask in addition to how much space you need, is what do your employees need?

In an effort to retain the best talent for competitive advantage, companies in the professional and financial industry are offering benefits, perks and amenities far beyond the freshly ground espresso. At the same time, cloud technology and a shift towards flexible work models are driving activity-based work environments and a more efficient use of office space. The question most employers in the industry ask is how much space (and budget) to dedicate towards quality amenities versus working or productivity areas.

What is important in an Employee Value Proposition?

  • It goes without saying that location strategy is key. Regardless of the commercial node, most employers in the industry opt for quality buildings with a parking ratio to meet their ‘expected’ parking requirements, as a dedicated reserved basement bay is a minimum expectation for top talent. As our research and latest trends show, Cape Town demands the highest parking rentals in South Africa.
  • Top professionals don’t work 9-5. Top financial, management or legal consultants work long and stressful days, and often have demanding travel requirements. Innovative amenities and support services go a long way to make your best people feel supported.
  • Make employees with families feel supported. Top companies throughout the USA, Europe and the United Kingdom, are investing in day-care or child care solutions for their employees. South African employers are increasingly aligning themselves with international trends to support top female talent with peace of mind and stress-free child care solutions. Above-average maternity and most recently the introduction of paternity leave is also a consideration worth noting.
  • Your office space transforms from a place to a service. Activity-based work environments and premium amenities mean that employers are investing into a service offering as opposed to a place of work. Employees treat the office as a place to collaborate as people plug and play in different work environments throughout the day. The unique combination of on-site benefits and amenities create powerful switching barriers encouraging the best people to stay.

What are the top amenities?

Here are some of the most popular amenities that employers in financial and professional services have incorporated into their commercial real estate strategies:

Top Office Amenities Financial and Professional Services Cape Town South Africa

What is the balance between employee needs and real estate requirements?

Most employers in this sector are generally opting for efficient, smaller, green and premium commercial property solutions. However, the increasing demands and expectations on amenities from top talent also adds significant cost. What is the balance?

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