A Market Perspective on Serviced Office Space


There are over 14 companies offering serviced office solutions in Cape Town alone, with various new and innovative brands entering the market. Many industries are moving towards the “sharing economy” and its influence on the work place is no exception. This is evident in the rising demand for serviced office space in major cities around the world.

The relatively new commercial real estate model is proving popular among small businesses, freelancers, independent contractors, “solopreneurs” and corporate travelers not only for its financial benefits – but also for its collaborative or co-working benefits. Subsequently, there has been a shift in re-naming the model from serviced office space to “co-working” or “shared” office space.

However, this office solution does not come cheap and requires careful consideration, should you consider it to be an option for your business. Our international affiliate JLL has compiled a comprehensive report detailing the pros and cons of serviced office space.

Highlights from the JLL report include:

  • Trends and growth in serviced office space around the world.
  • The most significant variables influencing choice of serviced office space, brand and solution.
  • Elements and services typically included and excluded in the average rate.
  • The potential challenges and costs associated with service office space.

Download your copy of the report by clicking here


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