SA office of EXL brings new jobs to Cape Town

Portside Cape Town, home to international BPO firm EXL.


This article was updated on 17 July, 2017

The reputable international BPO firm EXL expanded its international operations into South Africa in 2015, with Cape Town as base for its local headquarters. The multi-national Business Process Outsourcing firm (or BPO) leased 2 800 square meters of prestigious office space in Portside in the Cape Town City Bowl – a five star green building and also Cape Town’s tallest building. The transaction was facilitated by Dave Russell – a director at Baker Street Properties who has many years of experience in consulting with international BPO firms on their property requirements.

Cape Town: the perfect location from the start

The operations of a BPO firm typically involves the contracting of operational activities and other responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider. Therefore, BPOs often create value in a variety of industries. EXL creates considerable value to the local economy in terms of employment opportunities – with an estimated 350 new jobs created by its operations in South Africa. The Mother City’s cosmopolitan culture, public transport infrastructure and quality of life has once again proved to be a great attraction compared to other CBDs in the country.

The BPO industry is a significant sector in the Cape Town real estate market. Read our latest report to learn more by clicking here.

Bringing international firms to Cape Town through industry insights

EXL is not the first international BPO whose property requirements Baker Street Properties has successfully undertaken. Russell ads that “our endorsement from BPeSA (Business Process Enabling South Africa) means that we truly understand the unique industry dynamics involved in assisting BPOs with their property requirements.” Our knowledge on the process and requirements set by the BPO industry is incorporated into a total business relocation solution from Baker Street Properties.


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