3 Obvious signs that it’s time for office relocation

This article has been updated on 24 February 2017

Office relocation is an inevitable decision for any prosperous business. Growing South African companies underestimate the true costs associated with delaying this important business decision, which can include loss of productivity and loss of business.

Here are 3 obvious signs that your company or business needs to start considering office relocation:

1. Your crowded office is resulting in staff problems


Employee absenteeism and decreased productivity can be encouraged by multiple factors related to an employee’s work environment. Attempting to fit staff into small working spaces will potentially result in a distracting environment and personality conflicts among staff. Other notable behaviours typically include staff taking longer and more frequent breaks. Altogether this harms productivity, culture and morale.

Help employees enjoy their workspaces by not only investing in a bigger property with sufficient room to work, but also take the opportunity to update your office to latest working trends in space planning and design. For example, an increasing number of companies are opting for activity-based work environments, where dedicated desks are replaced by employees moving around pocket areas of concentration.

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2.Your office does not meet the expectations of your clients


AFB Point 4 Alternativ_Reception Area (Custom)

Office relocation becomes apparent when you can’t accommodate all clients for meetings, or that your office space does not live up to the expectations of your clients. This is especially true for companies in the professional services industry – where clients use tangible elements from the office environment to serve as a signal of service quality and brand perception.  Your office space is arguably the most important single tangible element and lasting first impression on your clients.

Following the trends in activity-based work environments, your office space should include multiple meeting areas earmarked for different types of gatherings – be it an informal brainstorm, internal team meeting or external client presentation. By identifying these needs with your space planner, you will be able to better accommodate the collaborative needs of your employees as well as your clients. Create a great first impression with a welcoming visitor’s area furnished with upmarket materials that communicate the brand. We’ve seen companies and firms take the opportunity to communicate their brand in subtle ways in this space through displaying awards, testimonials or evidence of past work. All these elements will already heighten perceptions about a company’s competence before clients head into a meeting.

3. Your clients and employees are complaining about accessibility


Gone are the days when only senior executives enjoy dedicated basement parking bays. Today, most South African companies are trying to accommodate as much of their staff as possible with parking in their office relocation decisions. Parking benefits not only encourage staff to stay longer, but is also an important safety and security factor for both visitors and employees. Furthermore, visitors parking is limited in Cape Town and might discourage clients from visiting you. Finally, if your office is becoming increasingly out of the way for both your employees and your clients, you need to start considering investing in a better location.

Modern office parks and buildings in Cape Town offer better parking ratios. For example, The Boulevard Office Park in the City Bowl offers up to 5 bays per 100 square meters leased, with ample and secure basement visitors parking.

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