Video: 3 Ways road upgrades will benefit Century City new developments


Given the considerable investment going into new developments in Century City such as the Bridgeways Precinct, the area is perceived to be the Mother City’s fastest growing business node – just 14 minutes away from the Cape Town City Bowl via the N1 highway.

Both established firms and their employees are starting to realize the true lifestyle benefits offered in the area. However, congestion and traffic problems in Century City is a question that has been raised time and time again by prospective tenants and investors. It is projected the new developments in the Bridgeways Precinct will add an additional 1000 vehicles to the road network.

However, R18 million will be invested into the road network which will considerably improve traffic flow in and out of Century City to accommodate new businesses and employees. Here’s three main reasons why the upgrades will improve traffic flow in the area.

1. New exit to Sable Road through the new Bridgeways Precinct Development

As the video below clearly shows, a new exit through the recently developed Bridgeways Precinct will ease congestion on at the main traffic circle on Century Boulevard. The new exit will allow vehicles to exit the precinct directly onto a continuous free flowing east-bound lane onto Sable Road.

2. New Slip lane onto N1 highway Northbound for vehicles leaving Century City

The upgrades to the Sable road bridge or intersection is projected to significantly reduce the tailback of vehicles. This will be achieved through the new dedicated left-turn slip lane from Sable Road onto the N1 highway northbound. In addition, additional green time will be allocated to vehicles heading back into Cape Town. Finally, a MyCiTi bus lane will also provide right-of-way to the BRT system at the intersection.

3. Free flowing left turn lane for vehicles approaching Century City

Currently, the Sable road bridge typically experiences a significant tailback of vehicles approaching Century City. A new left turn lane will be introduced via the Western terminal of the Sable Road intersection, providing.




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