Cape Town City Bowl: why it offers the best work/life balance

Image of the Cape Town City Bowl

Increased congestion on Cape Town’s roads has motivated many employees, executives and business owners to move their primary residence closer to their place of work. In Cape Town, this is evident in the significant rise in demand for residential property in the Cape Town City Bowl. Yes, the CBD is not only home to young and hip 20-something professionals but also to young families and senior executives who live in the City Bowl or neighbouring mountainside suburbs.

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The Cape Town Central Improvement District (CCID) predicts no signs of a slow-down in the Cape Town CBD’s property boom, as is evident in significant increase in permanent residents living in the city bowl – reportedly up from 5000 in 2011 to just under 6000 last year. Many substantial projects are on the horizon for the area, with residential property being a particular focus as demand is currently far outstripping supply.

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Living close to your place of work in the Cape Town City Bowl typically has the following benefits:

  • Skipping traffic entirely. Removing this rather negative experience from an employee’s daily routine allows for increased sleep, productivity as well as happier employees in general as argued by Fast Company.
  • The ability (for some) to walk or cycle to work which assists in leading a more active lifestyle. Furthermore, both Virgin Active and more niche cross fit gyms are always just around the corner.
  • The flexibility to head home during a lunch break or to be close to home if needed. In particular, mountainside suburbs such as Oranjezicht, Higgovale and Tamboerskloof are popular among working parents with young children or infants as they are typically no more than 10 minutes from home if need be.
  • People who work round the clock prefer to stay close to work to be on standby or responsive. In Cape Town, these typically include medical practitioners, hospitality professionals and other business owners of major retail/logistics operations.
  • The lifestyle and convenience benefits of having the Mother City’s major attractions, shops and top restaurants on one’s doorstep.

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